2D Game Art
2D design for Cat: A Game of Games.
3D Modeling
Pepperhaus (Concept art by Carter Goodrich)
Digital Sculpting
Dying Gaul anatomy study.
Team props and set fabrication (No credit for puppets shown).
Character fabrication and animation.

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General stop motion
Some of my stop motion work for Ai Portland.
Character modeling
3D characters based on art by Carter Goodrich.
ZBrush anatomy study
ZBrush anatomy sculpt based on the Dying Gaul.
3D Lego Pink Floyd
3D Lego characters designed after The Wall.
2D game art
Assets and environments for Cat: A Game of Games.
2D game concept art
Initial concept work for a 2D side-scrolling game.
Digital concept painting.
Concept painting done in Photoshop.
Hard surface modeling
Modeled in Maya.
Promotional video done with Maya 2016, KeyShot6, After Effects.
Ubiquiti airFiber 5X promotional video.

our clients

Jenny Tso by teslathemes